Photo by Rick Wenner

Photo by Rick Wenner

Curtis Mayfield - Live - Brooklyn, Yew York.

This record reminds me of my favorite place, Brooklyn, NY.  I’ve settled here and am raising a family. I can’t think of a more diverse place to do it.  It’s a record that I go to when I need some peace of mind, and the very first record I put on for my son when he came home from the hospital after being born.  I wanted him to feel the music, even if he couldn’t understand what was going on.  I needed him to listen to Soul music so everything else heard would be secondary.  Soul music is important to me, it’s music I can listen to, especially from Curtis, and just get lost.  I want my son to feel the same way as I do about this music as he grows.  Hopefully he will.

Harry J. Allstars - The Liquidator 7” - London, United Kingdom.

This seven inch reminds me of London, a place that is one of my favorite places in the world.  I went to visit a very good friend of mine a few years ago.  While I was there, I met up with DJ Andy Smith and he took me digging for a few days around the city.  We managed to go to this hole in the wall Reggae shop in Tottenham and get to digging.  It was a rough neighborhood, the kind you’d leave your mobile in your pocket, but aren’t they the best to find records at?  The place was called Zen Records, and I picked up the UK pressing of this record.   Common fodder over there, also a big tune at Wolverhampton Wanderers stadium in the 70’s, but not an easy pull for me here in the States.  Whenever I play it out, it brings me back to this tiny record shop digging through crates and crates of Reggae records. 

Props to DJ Prestige for being the first contributor to our Q&A series, where we share stories about collectors, their records and memories.  He can also be found running the show at Flea Market Funk,  spreading love at Dust & Grooves and supplying high quality mixes at Mixcloud.

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