Business Model

B2C Revenue per peer to peer transaction

6% + $1 per seller transaction

-solutions for users who need a way of quickly listing and selling without the fees and risks of craigslist; ideal for less than 20 units / month)

B2B Seller Subscription Tiers

-solutions driven for independent record vendors & artists who ship 20 or more units a month)

$29 to $59 / month with services and better rate for sales over 20 units / month

B2C Limited Edition Releases

-label partnerships akin to Record Store Day limited pressings, 

$25 to $75 / release at limited quantities (pre-sale or subscription based in order to hedge costs of storing and producing overages)


Like the $1B resale market for coveted sneakers, 

Okay, there are  few analogies you can point at, the best bet is going to be finding niche sites who do this same thing. The model you're doing is not dissimilar from eBay or Amazon, where there they work with major distributors, but also let smaller guys set up shop (closer to eBay in that regard, if you consider direct sales). Your main differentiator is the product discovery is targeted towards record buyers. So what you want to do is find other niche commerce services that do the same thing but for other underservced market sectors

Market Segment

dIndependent Merchant:








Year 1


Year 2

Year 3